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Album Information

Ten Year Crush is my first album. After spending several years experimenting with a wide variety of styles including, among others, rock, jazz, hip-hop, blues, and classical, I finally challenged myself to start again from scratch and write the simplest possible album that still represents my musical tastes. The result is this ten-song effort featuring simple melodies, direct lyrics, and straightforward structures accompanied by a single guitar part that sticks with basic chords. For the future, my goal is to apply the lessons I have learned while working on this album to some of my more complex ideas. For Ten Year Crush, the music feels, to me, a little bit like a midnight serenade; all of the lyrics are lovingly dedicated to my wife, Justine.

This Recording

This recording of Ten Year Crush was made with the help of my good friend Jonathan Dawson. All of the tracks are presented without the use of digital modifications. The sounds on this album are entirely comprised of Jonathan's excellent sense of quality mic placement, natural room reverb, and helping me find the right take of every tune. Thank you Jonathan!

The recording was made at home, in my living room, in the same location where I have often shared the music with close friends and family.